10 Best Free Online Painting Courses

Online painting courses offer individuals the opportunity to learn painting techniques and skills from the comfort of their own home. These courses can range from beginner to advanced levels and cover various styles, mediums and techniques such as oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and more.

Benefits of taking online painting courses include the flexibility to learn at your own pace, access to course materials and resources anytime, and the ability to learn from experienced artists and instructors from anywhere in the world. Additionally, online painting courses are often more affordable than traditional in-person classes and offer a wider variety of courses to choose from.

To join an online painting course, one typically needs a stable internet connection and a computer or tablet. Some courses may require specific equipment or supplies, such as paint brushes, canvases, or paints, which can be purchased online or at a local art supply store.

Types of Painting

Painting is an art form that has existed for thousands of years and has evolved over time. There are many different styles and techniques used in painting, and they can be divided into several broad categories. These include:

  1. Traditional painting: This style of painting uses traditional techniques and materials, such as oils or watercolors, to create realistic or representational images.
  2. Abstract painting: This style of painting is characterized by non-representational or non-objective images, often created with geometric shapes and vivid colors.
  3. Figurative painting: This style of painting represents recognizable objects, such as people or animals, and is often realistic in nature.
  4. Landscape painting: This style of painting represents outdoor scenes, such as mountains, forests, and seascapes.
  5. Portrait painting: This style of painting represents people, and is often created to capture a likeness of the subject.
  6. Still life painting: This style of painting represents inanimate objects, such as flowers, fruit, or other items, arranged in a composition.
  7. Pop Art: This style of painting emerged in the mid-20th century and is characterized by bold, graphic images that often use recognizable objects and commercial imagery.

Can I Learn to Paint Online?

Yes, you can learn to paint online. With the rise of online education platforms, there are now many online painting courses available that teach you the basics of painting and help you improve your skills.

These courses can be taken at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home, and are often more affordable and accessible than traditional in-person classes. Additionally, online courses often offer a wider variety of styles and techniques than what might be available in your local area.

Benefits of Free Online Painting Courses

There are several benefits of taking free online painting courses:

  1. Convenience: Online painting courses can be taken from anywhere, at any time, and at your own pace.
  2. Cost-effective: Free online painting courses do not require any financial investment, making it accessible to everyone.
  3. Wide range of subjects: Online painting courses offer a variety of subjects to choose from, such as watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting, and more.
  4. Expert instruction: Many online painting courses are taught by experienced artists and instructors, who provide valuable insights and techniques.
  5. Access to materials and resources: Online painting courses often provide access to materials, tools, and resources, such as tutorials, videos, and e-books.
  6. Interactivity: Some online painting courses offer interactive features, such as discussion forums, peer review, and virtual art galleries, which allow students to connect with each other and share their work.
  7. Flexibility: Online painting courses are flexible and allow students to work at their own pace, making it ideal for those who have busy schedules or other commitments.
  8. Certificate of completion: Upon completion of some online painting courses, students may receive a certificate of completion, which can be added to their portfolio or resume.

Requirements to Join Free Online Painting Courses

To join free online painting courses, you need the following requirements:

  1. A device with internet connectivity, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. A stable internet connection to stream videos and access course materials.
  3. Painting supplies, such as paint brushes, canvas or paper, and acrylic, oil, or watercolor paint, depending on the type of painting you want to learn.
  4. Some basic knowledge of art, color theory, and composition is helpful but not necessary.
  5. Patience, practice, and persistence to improve your painting skills.

Note: Some online courses may have additional requirements, such as specific software or a tablet with a stylus, so make sure to check the course description before enrolling.

Free Online Painting Courses

1.  The Secret to Your Painting’s Success

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The Secret to Your Painting’s Success is a course offered on Udemy that focuses on helping artists improve their painting skills. The course is designed for beginners as well as intermediate painters, and covers a wide range of topics related to painting techniques and styles. Some of the subjects covered in this course include color theory, brush techniques, composition, and more.

The course instructor is an experienced artist who shares tips and tricks for creating successful paintings. This online painting course offers video lessons, interactive quizzes, and a supportive community of students and instructors.

2. Kevin Oil Painting

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Kevin Oil Painting is an online course offered by the instructor, KevinOilPainting. This course covers the basics of oil painting and teaches techniques for creating paintings using oils. The course is designed for beginners and those with some experience in painting.

The instructor provides step-by-step guidance and demonstrates how to create paintings using oils, from mixing colors to creating brushstrokes. Students will learn about different brushes, palettes, and other materials needed for oil painting, as well as how to create texture, light, and shadow. This course can be taken online at a pace that suits the student.

3. Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners

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Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners is an online painting course offered by Udemy that provides a comprehensive introduction to decorative painting techniques for beginners. The course covers various painting styles such as marbling, graining, and sponging.

The course is taught by experienced instructor(s) who will guide students through the basics of painting, from preparing the surface to finishing techniques. This course provides the opportunity for students to explore and develop their own creativity and style while learning how to create beautiful and unique decorative paintings.

4. The Art Sherpa

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The Art Sherpa is a YouTube channel and online platform that provides free painting tutorials and lessons for people of all skill levels. The channel is run by artist Cindy Wimmer and focuses on acrylic painting. The lessons are step-by-step and easy to follow, making them suitable for both beginners and more experienced painters.

The lessons cover a range of topics, including landscapes, portraits, and still life paintings. The Art Sherpa also offers a selection of paint-along kits and a community forum where you can connect with other artists and get feedback on your work.

5. Rock Painting for Beginners

This online painting course is specifically designed for beginners who are interested in learning how to paint on rocks. It covers the basics of rock painting, including tools, materials, and techniques. The course provides step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to create different designs and patterns, including animals, flowers, and abstract designs.

Whether you are looking to start a new hobby or add a new skill to your repertoire, this course can help you get started with rock painting.

6. Proko

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Proko is a platform that offers various online art courses, including painting. The courses are taught by professional artist Stan Prokopenko and cover various techniques and styles. The courses are aimed at helping students develop their skills and improve their understanding of art.

They cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of drawing and anatomy to advanced techniques for creating lifelike paintings. The courses are comprehensive, with clear explanations and plenty of examples to help students grasp the concepts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, Proko’s courses can help you improve your skills and achieve your artistic goals.

7. Level 1 Painting Tutorial

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Level 1 Painting Tutorial is an online painting course offered by Udemy, which covers the basics of painting for beginners. The course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in painting, including color theory, composition, and brush techniques.

Students will learn how to mix colors, use light and shadow to create depth, and apply paint to create different textures and effects. They will also learn about different painting materials, such as paints, canvases, and brushes. The course is taught through step-by-step video tutorials and includes practice exercises to help students develop their skills.

8. Changing colors – A Photo to Oil Painting Workshop

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The “Changing Colors: A Photo to Oil Painting Workshop” is a course offered on Udemy that teaches students how to turn a photo into an oil painting. The course is aimed at beginner to intermediate level painters and covers topics such as selecting the right photo, preparing the canvas, color mixing, brush techniques, and more.

The course is taught by an experienced instructor and includes video tutorials, written lessons, and hands-on projects to help students develop their skills.

9. Virtual Instructor

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Matt Fussell offers online painting classes through his website Virtual Instructor. He specializes in teaching oil painting techniques and provides lessons for both beginners and intermediate painters. His courses cover topics such as color theory, brush techniques, and how to create depth and dimension in your paintings.

The lessons are taught through video tutorials and students can access them at any time, making it a convenient and flexible way to learn.


Start class is an online art education platform that offers painting courses for people of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. They offer courses in a variety of styles, including oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media, as well as courses on various painting techniques, such as color mixing, brushwork, and composition.

The courses are taught by experienced artists and instructors and are designed to be comprehensive and interactive, with lessons, videos, and critiques to help students improve their painting skills. The platform also provides a community forum where students can connect and collaborate with other artists, ask questions, and share their work.


there are many free online painting courses available that cater to different levels of experience and preferences. From beginner to advanced, these courses offer a range of techniques, styles, and mediums.

Whether you’re interested in oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, or any other form of painting, there is likely a free online course that can help you improve your skills. Some of the best free online painting courses include Udemy’s “The Secret to Your Painting’s Success,” “Kevin Oil Painting,” “Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners,” “The Art Sherpa,” “Rock Painting for Beginners,” Proko, “Level 1 Painting Tutorial,” “Changing Colors: A Photo to Oil Painting Workshop,” Virtual Instructor by Matt Fussell, and Each of these courses has its own strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to research each one carefully to find the best fit for your needs.

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